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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sasquatch's Revenge

Well, it finally happened--my worse nightmare. Sasquatch trashed my camera trap. I took a calculated risk putting it there without the "spike protector"--which I stupidly forgot to put it in the rucksack. On Saturday I found my Sony p32 in the creek. Sasquatch had her evil way with it. She popped out the fresnel lens and the window protecting the camera lens and the flash, and then dragged it into her bathing pool. It had been underwater for 5 days, and of course the case was filled with water. My friend Pete Hoch took the pictures above.

Sasquatch also tried to "off" my new Sony s600, but the spike protector saved the day. When I looked at the time stamps on the picture files, I found that she had encountered this cam first. In only 8 minutes she had shuffled up the ravine and found the P32. It was as if she knew it was going to be there and was ready to settle her score with it. You can see her trying to fathom "that thing that flashes", and no, she's NOT trying to throw a lip-lock on it. Though she managed to pop out a window on this one too, the cam took 7 pictures of her insensitive behavior, which lasted 41 seconds.

I took the cameras home for salvaging and repair. A day in the sun brought the P32 back to life, but only for a few fleeting hours. Then it quietly expired. The Sony s600 only needed minor repair to the case, and was ready for work again.

Sasquatch just doesn't seem to get it--I only want her picture.

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