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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who goes there?

Ever since Richard and I equipped our garbage cans with the "screaming canaries" ($1 security alarms), I've put a camera trap by the garbage cans the night before collection. I want to photograph Sasquatch, the garbage-loving bear in action. If the alarms work, I might get one shot of her before they go off and she high-tails it down the road. If they don't work, she'll reward us with a mess of pictures and a mess of garbage. Though we expect to see her soon, Sasquatch has been enjoying winter sleep probably since late October.

In the meantime I have accumulated an inventory of garbage can passersby and visitors. The usual cast of characters includes black-tailed deer, cats, skunks, gray foxes, and jackrabbits.

But our neighbor's dog, Jaden is the most faithful visitor. He shows up around 9:00PM to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, several deep sniffs of garbage followed by the pause that refreshes.

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