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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eastern chipmunk

This is the last photo I'll show from the Virginia trip. When you see an Eastern chipmunk, think Siberia. Yes, mammalogists believe that the Siberian chipmunk is its closest relative. They also have the most extensive geographic ranges.

The 30+ species out here in western North America, like the lodgepole chipmunk have been in the evolutionary fastlane.


Chrissy said...

cute pic.

sylvia murphy said...

Howdy Codger,

Your mammal shots are fun to be sure, but just to poke pun i posted my pics of the mysterious banana slug. You would not believe the effort I went to to track down this puppy. You can see the photo at:

Colorado Lifestyle Blog


Camera Trap Codger said...

I can dig it, Sylvia. In fact, I was admiring some large spotted yellow slugs a few weeks ago, and wondering if they are the same species as the mellow yellow one.