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Monday, March 21, 2011

Owl in the box

The blasted cam is TOO CLOSE!

Wet snow was blowing when I checked the screech owl box Saturday evening (March 19), and to my great surprise there was something in the entrance.

It was 6:30 and there was still enough light to glass it with the binocs.

It wasn't a bug-eyed squirrel, but a well-ruffled screech owl with half closed eyes.

The discovery wired me like a couple of double espressos.

This morning I brought the cam cable into the house and hooked it up to the monitor.

The owl was nestled in the wood shavings and saw dust, but damn! the cam's field of view is not what I had expected.

You can only see part of her head and back.

I had tested the cam's field of view in the shop last fall, but now realize I was a bit too generous with the bedding.

Live and learn.

I'll have to make a longer box for next year.

I'll check this evening to see if there are eggs or owlets.


Joe said...

Still good news you got a tenant for your nest.

Shervin Hess et al said...

Nice TV!

owlman said...

Great news Chris and new a flat screen HD TV would provide a much better picture!