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Monday, January 28, 2008

Camera trapping workshop

Attention Class!

The Codger is scheduled to give a camera trapping workshop in July at San Francisco State University's beautiful Sierra Nevada Field campus.

For details check out the announcement here.

Here's how it happened. A few months ago a blog reader from the University of Michigan asked me if there were any courses on camera trapping. I had to tell her that didn't know of any regular offerings, though some courses have been sponsored now and then by non-government conservation organizations.

An added impetus came from my daughter. She took the course in Sierra Nevada flora a few years ago and was totally enthused about the SF State field course program. "You should look into it, Codger." I did, and here I am getting ready to teach about the fine art of camera trapping.

In preparation I'm gathering materials, organizing thoughts, and posting some new pieces on equipment. We will use a targeted approach. Rather than place cameras on trails, we'll zero in on specific species based on sightings and sign, and we'll use sound and scent lures and baits. We'll use different set-ups daily to capture the quarry as digitized images.

This should be educational and 'jolly good fun'. If any of you readers have ever thought about trying your hand at camera trapping, check out the link above.

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Owlman said...

Congratulations Chris! Your class will be well attended and certainly entertaining,fun and informative for sure. I learned a lot the 2 days I spent with you in November. I would take the course but may have a conflict with trip to Brazil.