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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Carcass visitors -- days 5 - 9

Eleven hours after the buck passed on December 21st, a stray dog examined the carcass. It fed for 16 minutes and left 10 pictures.

Forty-five minutes later a scruffy looking codger appeared, mumbled to himself, and previewed the two cameras for pictures. He put a spiked bear guard on one camera, and in disgust removed the second pictureless camera. (It is possessed by a spirit that turns the power on and off until the battery is exhausted.)

It was twelve hours later, half past midnight when a black-tailed doe approached and sniffed briefly at the carcass. She moved on with ears laid back leaving 2 pictures. (Some would read grief from her behavior, but not me.)

A gray fox visited just before daylight (7:08 AM), but apparently didn't feed. At 2:50 AM the fox (or one that looks like it) was back. It fed for 5 minutes, and stood alert before disappearing.

Four hours latter (dawn) a fox visited once again and fed for 6 minutes.

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