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Friday, January 25, 2008

Fred, the shop steward

Where is Fred now? I wonder with numb fingers and runny nose.

My warm weather friend, the shop steward is gone.

We often crossed paths as he made his rounds or viewed his domain from a jar of screws.

I suspect he's out cold in a box of my books, while I putz around freezing my butt off in the dead of winter.


Mr. Smiley said...

Fred's a real cutie
Mr Smiley

Camera Trap Codger said...

He craps on my books when looking for silverfish in the garage, but since he eats the silverfish he is welcome.

Owlman said...

Fred reminds me of the time I was one of Joe Hall's instructors
in "Natural History of Vertebrates" class and out collecting. I found a Northern Alligator lizard and put it in my empty binocular case. About an hour later I opened the case and there were several young Alligator lizards crawling around with "mamma". I released all except one. It became a pet that I nurtured in a Terrarium for nearly a year before releasing it. It's name was Gerr.

Camera Trap Codger said...

I think you had more fun on those field trips than I did.