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Thursday, March 12, 2009

An issue of paternity

They were an unlikely couple.

A good-looking, outdoorsy and free-spirited female, and an insecure gray-haired homebody. 

He cut a farcical figure in his raincoat, but he could cock his leg with the best, and faithfully sprinkled his territorial stumps.
The relationship worked. 

Years passed without issue. Then suddenly last fall it happened. 

Roxie got in the family way.  

It was a joyous occasion, except for Moe. 

He didn't need a DNA test to tell him something was wrong. 

The kids didn't look like him. It was hard to take. 

In due course, the kids moved on. Except Fred, the one that looked like a Lab.

He moved down the hill, not as far as Moe would have liked.

He kept coming back to bully his mom, play fetch, and eat Moe's food.

It was a hurtful reminder. Moe wanted to kick the silly kid's ass. 

But he always showed restraint.  Moe was a gentleman.  


Anonymous said...

Funny story. You just can't trust a woman. (just kidding) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good stuff

Owlman said...

Moe needs to keep an eye on Roxie. Great story and could easily turn into a comic series.

Anonymous said...

Cute pups!