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Friday, April 24, 2009

Proof of the Camera Trap Fairy

There's always a chance that a branch will fall in front of your trail camera and botch the pictures.

Snow can bury your camera for months. Then you won't get any pictures to botch.

In the summer I've had vegetation grow up in front of cameras.

It doesn't take long, but if you wait 4-6 weeks to check your cam, you might find it perfectly camouflaged but still clicking away.

The lens focusses on the plants so you never know what triggered the pictures.

At this set I cleared the foreground of fallen limbs, but twigs dropped over the camera a couple weeks after I left and gave me pictures like the one above.

This was the first time a someone other than yours truly walked by and trimmed the twigs out of view.

Which proves there IS a camera trap fairy.



Kirk said...

The first time I set my camera out, I got 325 photos (no joke) of a branch moving. It made for a great flip book. I still laugh over that.

cliff said...

That's pretty common in the northwest where the limbs get dry and drop down over the camera, then after a rain they raise back up out of the way.

I admire you to be able to leave your cameras out for several weeks before checking, I'm lucky to make it 4 days.

Jackie said...

If that wasn't you trimming the branches, I wonder if the person knew you or your web site? And why would someone go hiking with snips in hand?