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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Return to the rimrock

The caves and recesses in the rimrock were too intriguing. I decided to leave three cameras at Wind River Ranch, and Brian assured me he would check them, change batteries, or pull them, as desired.

I made a hurried hike to the bluffs with Luna the day before we left.

I left one camera at a large burrow dug at the foot of a bluff. This wasn’t a gopher burrow. It was big enough for a small bear or a coyote.

I left another at the fissure cave that Luna refused to enter.

And the third camera I left at a long overhang where I imagined ringtails playing in the moonlight.

Whatever pokes its nose in there, settles done for a long winter's sleep, or eats the camera -- you'll hear about it.

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Owlman said...

Awesome locations, let's see what happens.