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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visitors of the great pool-Part 2

Surely there are dickey birds that bathe and drink from the big pool, but Rich's cam photographed only the big birds, like the band-tailed pigeon and a raven that was a little too blurry to post.

The red-shouldered hawk was there to bathe.

And so was the great-horned owl. Rich says, "The owl looks like it could be young or a molting adult. There were two shots of it, one up higher on the rocks, then a couple minutes later this one at pool level. It was last Friday at 2:30 PM, which was a hot day all over the area."


brdpics said...

All killer, but that Band-tailed Pigeon is just stunning. I'm jealous- would kill for a shot that nice of that species- they seem to be really shy & retiring (unless they are mobbing cracked corn on someone's feeder tray, but that setting leaves a little something to be desired...)

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks Bill, and congratulations on your recent successes getting bird photos into print.