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Friday, January 12, 2007

Showdown at Big Rock

Sony s600 and its trusty sidekick Promatic were staked out at Big Rock and ready for the ambush. Though slow on the draw, Sony was ever-vigilant, waiting to shoot any rascal who dared to cross its sights. The loyal Promatic was perched on its gargoyle-like slave, but always followed Sony's lead. Promatic was old and sensitive to moisture. Sealed in a biscotti jar was the only way it could survive the winter.

Unlike these high-tech partners, Zorillo had an unsavory reputation. He was touchy, and he could draw his weapon in an instant. But he lacked Sony’s focus. When he shot it was messy, and there was usually more than one victim.

On the fateful night, Zorillo was ambling through the manzanita when his nose scented chicken. He moved in to check it out. As he climbed Big Rock the scent grew stronger. Suddenly there was a whirring sound behind his back. Even in its rubber-lined Pelican case with the water-proof seal and all that—Sony just can’t prepare to shoot in silence.

Zorillo raised his tail, puckered, and took aim, but it was too late. With a blinding flash of light Sony and Promatic shot first, immortalizing the showdown in a single frame. The fateful day was January 10, 2007. The moment of truth was 4:03:27 hrs.

Postscript—Zorillo decided not to shoot back, and left the scene without touching the chicken dinner.

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