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Monday, May 28, 2007

Feline sensuality on a mossy rock

And this is how she appeared, panting softly in the wake of her sensual interlude . . . It was all over at 19:12:50 hr . . . on 24 May 2007 -- three days ago (last Friday).

It started about 15 minutes earlier as she padded up the creek bed -- a few molecules of the magical substance impinged her olfactory epithelium. She followed her nose, moving up the gradient of scent. She found it on the mossy rock -- a redolent smudge of beaver castoreum. She engaged it with a passionate grip. It was wonderful. She sniffed, licked, and drooled uncontrollably.

But that wasn't enough. The substance summoned a languorous need for a whole-body experience.

Another taste activated Jacobsen's organ in the roof of her mouth. She grimaced uncontrollably.

Finally, the buzz started to dissipate, and she felt a strong urge to pee.

The party was over. It was time to look for rabbits and deer again.


Anonymous said...

I always learn something from this blog. I remember the story of Vernon. But Vernon was not the only bird with a foot fteish. We have a Cocketeil.........
Dr Dave

Camera Trap Codger said...

Ah yes, some of us have a way of bringing these features out . . . (LOL)

Anonymous said...

great blog,
I'm planning on setting up camera traps in the hills around Pacifica and San Bruno Mountain to look for long tailed weasels and other mammals. I'm curious to see if this species is still present on SBM.
Can I give you a call to discuss methods?