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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Skinny guys can surprise you

We were listening to the radio on our way to the Bay area the day after Halloween, when we heard our Governator’s voice.

“At the next Ahnold classic I vant to invite Obama, so we can do something about those skinny legs.”

Classic foot-in-mouth Ahnold. I had to chuckle. This was as good as the "girly men" comment.

I guess the Governator thinks that looking corn-fed improves your chances of winning the race.

Well, when I was in high school there were two really skinny kids in PE. One could do about three times more pull-ups than the most muscle bound dude on the football team. Skinny butt just kept on going. The first time he saw it, the coach was practically speechless. So were we.

The other guy was the class nerd. For some reason he went out for cross-country, and everyone on the team snickered. He took first place in the first meet, and it kept on happening. None of us could keep up with him. Suddenly he had a lot of friends, and girls wanted to talk with him.

We never thought the skinny guys had a chance. We were wrong.

I think the Governator is about to learn the same thing. (Or will he?)

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