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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rats and Christmas cookies

Your daughter drops off the kids and their rats,

So she can go shopping for Christmas at last.

The kids are lively and thrilled to be here,

With their pets on their shoulders and their grandmother near.

But the rats become boring, and finally pee,

Then helping their grandma is greeted with glee.

Baking Christmas cookies is oh so much fun,

and they are edible too, even before they are done.

But be sure to insist that the kids wash their hands,

before rolling the dough to go on the pan.

For when they are baked and ready to eat,

Who wants cookies that taste like rat feet?


brdpics said...

"...and they are edible too, even before they are done."

Hey Codger- you talking about the cookies, or the rats?

Just kidding- Happy Holidays to you & the fam. May a wolverine find its way into one of your camera traps this season.


Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks Willy -- well, I was referring to eating the cookie batter, but I guess I should write a post on cooking rats so we can sort that out.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday, and when you have a chance check out:


My guess is that this is a bird and not bigfoot.

best wishes,

Owlman said...

Did you write the poem Chris? Lol! How is the snow tracking going? Have a great Christmas and holiday season.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Yes, we encourage "the monkeys" (=g'kids) to make up rhymes and short poems while they are here, and we all get into it. Happy Holidays, Terry and Kimberley.

Anonymous said...

For xmas, I want to get my dad a camera trap to have some fun in the woods behind his house. Can you recommend a good one in the $200 range?

Camera Trap Codger said...

Check out this site for a comparison of prices:


Cabelas online catalogue also lists details about trail cams.

The Cuddabacks and Moultries are popular and in your price range. Good luck, Paul, but hurry

Jayla said...

Good to see the girls. It's rare to see such a big grin over a rat, which is good to show since most people are afraid of rats. Nice poem, too. Merry Christmas! Wish I were there! (I had to open the See's tonight for consolation. I tried to eat "the redhead"'s favorite. I had it narrowed down to two square ones, but since she always eats it first, I guessed wrong.)