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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

El Paso de las Pumas

[Whatever they are, they pass under this log]

Okay, I'm stretching the facts.  At this point in time, El Paso de las Pumas is a fanciful fabrication. 

But when I found the area I got a very good feeling.

Not because it leads to a creek, but because it's kind of a trunk road that receives trails from an adjacent catchment and ridge and leads to numerous trails beyond the creek. 

It's actually a pass between a cliff and a steep slope choked with timber and windfalls.

[The cam in a Pelican 1060 case with bear guard.]

I didn't have a camera mount that would work on that horizontal log.

I needed an adjustable mount that would allow me to point the camera down and to the side -- looking down the trail.

Greystoke on Homebrew Trail Camera Chat provided the design and my neighbor Richard provided parts and welding skills.

[We made mounts for 3 cameras -- 
each adjustable in vertical and horizontal planes, 
with a lag bolt for attachment]

I set a camera there last weekend, and in a few weeks I'll know if el Paso has been stamped by pumas and bears, or just heavy-footed gray foxes.

[A view down the trail -- not picturesque, 
but hopefully a well-used beat of large carnivores.]


cliff said...

Sure hope you don't have to leave the camera in that location for several years to get the bear or cat, that case looks like pretty tough chewing. LOL

Looks like a great location for predators.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Hi Cliff, I'd have to remove the bear guard before eating that cam. (I guess I didn't mention that on the HTCC.) (chuckle).

Owlman said...

You ole cameratrappers
crack me up. I need the plans to make a gizmo like that.