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Monday, May 11, 2009

Return to El Paso

[This is a feeder trail to "El Paso", with (aaargh) the most common user.]

Since I made such a big deal about "El Paso de las Pumas", I guess I have to write a follow-up.

I waited a month to check the two cams at El Paso, thinking I'd get at least a few bobcat and bear photos, and maybe even a shot of the elusive puma.

Instead, I got 9 pictures of squirrels and one of a female red-shafted flicker. The flicker photo made me feel a little better.

I set another cam on a different segment of the main trail. So I have three cams waiting to ambush a big cat.

[Flicker, uncropped]

I'm not ready to give up on the site, but in the mean time I guess I'd better call the place "El Paso de las Ardillas".

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