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Monday, August 31, 2009

On the way to Chimineas

Fred meets an attractive but unreceptive lady.

There's something to be said for early morning road travel. 

I was showered and with a clear head when we hit the road at 4:30AM.

Fred soon nodded off in the back seat while I listened to BBC's World News. 

I was on my way to the Chimineas Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, where Cal Fish & Game's Craig Fiehler and I had set four camera traps in early June. 

We beat the rush hour traffic in Sacramento and swung onto I5.

That's when Fred climbed into the front seat. 

I decided to let him stay.

When the sun rose we were listening to mariachi music. 

At the rest stop weary travelers were asleep in their cars.

Then it got hot.  

At 11:30 we arrived at Craig's house in Bakersfield, where Fred discovered that there were two black labs.

He was ready to play with the long-legged Macy, but the feeling wasn't mutual.

By the time she had eased up, we had packed the pickup.

It was time to head for the ranch.  

[Stay tuned for more about camera trapping and the Chimineas Ranch in the next few posts.]


Tami Weingartner said...

Oh Fred dude I'm so sorry!

Owlman said...

Some females can be a bit testy upon intial introduction. Just play it cool Fred.

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Wow Gold said...

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