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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One handsome coyote

Just back from a quick trip to the SF Bay area where checking cams in Marin County was long overdue. 

This coyote passed the camera on two different days and paused long enough to give me two very nice images. 

What a difference from the rangy yammering skulkers at the Carrion Cafe

A few days later he was back and on the prowl at 5:00AM.

Whatever caught his attention, he decided to check it out and divulged his sex (so sorry, I was supposed to say gender -- I just keep forgetting that gender is the politically correct word for sex . Never mind gender, folks, -- I'm talking about sex. 

Be sure to check out SittingFox for Adele's recent pictures of  coyotes on the Canadian prairie. 

If yodel dogs make you feel poetic, she has that too.   


Adele said...

Hi, thanks for the link! The coyotes were putting on a great show in Canada last week.

The ears on the coyote in your first photo look huge, but I guess that's just a reflection on this coyote having shorter fur! Excellent shots, as always.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thank you, Adele! Keep the good blogposts coming.