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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unexpected appearance of a British Beaver

The British love their wildlife, because precious little of it remains.

Even when this rare beaver mysteriously appeared and started chewing up the trees, the property owner showed commendable forbearance.

Enjoy the article and film clip.

And thanks to Richard Lair for the link. (Much appreciated, Richard.)


Woody Meristem said...

Wow, now to answer the question of whether they were ever actually eliminated or not. And if they were, where did these animals come from and how did they get there?

john said...

Interesting article. People here in Anchorage have the opposite attitude about Beavers. Most folks consider them to be a nuisance; especially when they attack dogs that swim in some of the local lakes. Go Beavers!

Camera Trap Codger said...

How soon we forget that the beaver was the reason the mountain men pushed the frontier to the Pacific.

Woody -- I heard there's also an introduction going on there. Might have come from there.

john said...

Codger, I hope you understand that I meant Hurrah Beavers, not go away Beavers.