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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Little Earthmover

Ever wonder what a mountain beaver does outside of its burrow?


I guess I'm not surprised. 

Well, have a look anyway.

Here's some footage of a mother and her offspring taken during last summer's Camera Trapping Workshop in the northern Sierra Nevada.

There's not much to say.

Mountain beavers are just like big pocket gophers when it comes to moving earth. 


Woody Meristem said...

Super video, thanks for posting it. Have never seen one and don't expect to, but they sure seem to be interesting critters and that's a great display of their behavior.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thank you. I find them fascinating, but mainly because they are so primitive. And of course their tunnels are used by quite a few others species; so you are always in for surprise when camera trapping for them.

joellenarnold said...

Wonderful! I love the deer and the "building inspector" passing through.