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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still keeping tabs

You will recall that since the puma slobbered, rubbed, and urinated on the mossy rock on May 24th, the spot became a point of interest to several passing creatures. Since then, only two black-tailed deer walked by, and both stopped to check out "the spot". The doe visited on June 5th, and the one-antlered buck visited on June 22. That's 12 and 29 days since the cat left her scent mark.

I can't prove they were smelling the cat's scent, but it's the most likely explanation. The stuff seems to have staying power.

I find the attraction of these prey species to the scent of the puma just fascinating, and now that I've established a record here, I won't beat the dead horse any longer.


Jace Stansbury said...


I rec'd my lures in the mail today. Wow....I could smell them when I opened the box! Thought at first the bottles had gotten broken in transit. Is there any special way that you apply any of your lures? Certain areas, certain objects (logs, etc.)?



Camera Trap Codger said...

The soupy stuff can be funneled into a squeeze bottle with a good secure cap. That way you can squeeze out as much as you want. If you put it on rocks and logs the wind/breeze will carry it farther. The pasty stuff, like castoreum, I spread on with a knife blade. Place it so the animal can stand and sniff in a favorable position for the camera. Wrap containers in plastic bags so it doesn't leak in your rucksack.
Just back this evening from a 4 hr drive to a new camera trapping location -- the farthest from home yet. Will go back in 2 weeks.
Good luck with the scent.