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Friday, November 16, 2007

Using the patch

First I went to the garage to make the patches.

I cut the carpet into 2 x 2 inch squares, and burned holes in the corners with a hot awl.

Preparing the decoction had to be done in the kitchen. So I idled my time until the redhead announced she was going to shop for groceries, as I knew she would.

As soon as she left I cut three stems of catnip, took them to the kitchen, and diced them finely on the cutting board reserved for fruit an veg.

Next I swabbed a plastic container with alcohol to erase the scent of boullion cubes. Into this I decanted several ounces of glycerin, a tablespoon of gooey black beaver castoreum, and the minced catnip. Then I added a capful of artificial catnip oil.

I didn't spill a drop, and I removed all traces of my activities, which must remain secret. I know you understand. Ever since the redhead found some raccoon body parts in the refrigerator many years ago, she has enforced rather strict rules about my use of the kitchen.

Back to the garage to sniff . . . . aahhhhh! So fine a scent! I jest not. Castoreum has a sweet tarry essence.

After lunch I took my patches, the decoction, and the rest of the kit and headed down the ravine where I made two new camera trap sets. If it works, I should get pictures of slobbering pole dancing bobcats having their way with the patches.


cameratrapper said...

I searched and searched....how could I, (if I could), contact you by email? I have a homebrew camera and I need some help getting a picture of a mountain lion. Sorry to post this way, but I couldn't find any other way to come in contact with you.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Cameratrapper, did you check this blog's posts on puma? Do a search here using puma as the keyword. I got over 60 puma pictures this year, and there are no secrets. If you have specific questions you can email me at chindwin@sbcglobal.net.

Jace Stansbury said...


How high off the ground do you place your cameras?



Camera Trap Codger said...

The height is more critical if you want closeup or full frame pictures. This camera is about 18" above the ground, but the manzanita leans forward, so I used a twig as a wedge to compensate. You can see in the update post that the frame takes in a sufficent area. I often carry a few wooden wedges to use when I mount cameras on tree trunks. But more often these days I have been using steel stakes or square metal tubing to put the camera exactly where I want it. I can slide the camera up and down on the stake to any height I want.

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