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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Carcass visitors -- day 10

A raptor came the day after Christmas, day 10, at 10:55AM. The wary yellow-eyed bird stayed for a minute and a half, and I got four photos. If it fed, it kept its beak clean.

I thought it was a Cooper's Hawk, but on looking at my Sibley Guide, it seems to be a first-year Northern Goshawk.

The tail bands are not exactly even, as they should be in a Cooper's hawk. The shoulder is spotted, and there's a white brow. All are features of a subadult Northern Goshawk. Plus it seems to be a little large for a Cooper's hawk.

If anyone out there disagrees, or can confirm, let me hear from you. I never argue with birders. (You may need them in the future.)


brdpics said...

Yeah, man- looks like a Gos to me!!

Now why can't I find one to pose??

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks, Bill.

Keep an eye peeled for road kill. Maybe that's the secret.

Steve Bodio said...

Definitely A Gos. I have one in the kitchen!

Steve Bodio said...

Definitely A Gos. I have one in the kitchen!

Steve Bodio said...

Don't know why that went twice. I wanted to add that it is generally considered unusual for Accips to feed on carrion. Maybe juveniles get hungry, even big females-- which is what that one looks like.

Email me at ebodio -at- gilanet- dot- com and I'll send pix of mine.

And a belated thanks for putting us on the blogroll.

Owlman said...

Great shot of immature Goshawk Chris. You really got lucky or maybe it's just good karma. I'll be taking a large plastic bag in my truck while looking for roadkill.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it is an immature goshawk. Two keys are the greenish-blue sere at the base of the beak (it is yellow in adults), and the light eyes (eyes become bright orange in adults).