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Friday, January 18, 2008


The plot thickens as the investigation of the fatal San Francisco zoo tiger attack continues. It seems the three young men were drinking, but the two survivors haven't been forthcoming about the details. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, a respected Northern California zoologist, Dr. Richard Tenaza was expelled from the Oakland Zoo last week for questioning the chainlink containment of the tiger enclosure. You may read about it here.

Professor Tenaza has long made use of the bay area's museums and zoos to teach courses in zoology at the University of the Pacific. Instead of welcoming dialogue, zoo officials asked him to leave the zoo. I've known Tenaza for 40+ years, and he is not an uppity guy. It seems the Oakland zoo is suffering from Tiger-escapa-phobia.


Owlman said...

Chris thanks for the blog on our old friend Rich who I have known for 48 years and can attest that he is a person of the highest character and definitely would not have purposely tried to cause a problem with the zoo. The Oakland Zoo is definitely wrong by the way they treated Rich. Reminds me of the Shakesper phrase "Me thinks thou protest too much". I'm sure that they are trying to cover their tracks in light of the recent tragedy at the S.F.Zoo.
Rich was merely making an observation based on his background. I'm betting that the leadership at the Oakland Zoo are discussing their strategy to fix what they should have already known was cleary a problem with their Tiger enclosure. I would wager that it is fixed within a year. Thanks to Dr. Richard Tenaza.

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