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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Training a small primate

The redhead and I flew to northern Virginia last week to visit our daughter and family.

I wanted to expose my grandson (7 months) to camera trapping. Okay, I confess. It was just a photo op.

He posed well and looked interested, but all he really wanted was to eat the camera.


Jayla said...

I like the title. ;)

PBurns said...

You going to be around much longer? Wouldn't mind meeting you -- I am a huge fan of your blog which is on my daily feed. Quite jealous of the great pictures you get.
-- Patrick (terrierman) at siriusdogma@gmail.com I'm in North Arlington

Owlman said...

mayamuirCute primate grandpa.
Your camera trap genes will live on.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Patrick, we flew home Sunday, but we'll be visiting regularly. I will holler next time we head east. Would love to make your acquaintance, and even tag along to the church of field and stream.

Bornean Rose said...

I love this post with the little primate on training. :)