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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mountain lion research in the news

(Michael Macor / The Chronicle)

The feature article in last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle was about a research project on mountain lions. The University of California study, which you may read about here is taking place in the Santa Cruz mountains.

They're using camera traps, too.

I squandered many months of my youth roaming the hills there.

I saw a lot of woodpeckers, but I never saw a mountain lion. 


Mr. Smiley said...

I saw an Ocelot in Costa Rica but never a Mountain Lion in California. How times have changed.


Anonymous said...

Good job with the images... AMAZING photos!

Fred Smilek
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Bornean Rose said...

amazing photo...excellent!

cliff said...

Just wondering what kind of animal is in the tree just above the pumas shoulder? The article never mentioned that a cub was treed with the female plus it doesn't look like a cub.

Great article and study, hope they don't restrict the travels of the cougar between areas. This is what gives the cats a bad name when they feed on pets as they pass through residential areas.

Camera Trap Codger said...

You've got a good eye, Cliff. Looks like the non-biting end of a cougar cub.

coyote said...

Looking at the thing above the mountain lion's shoulder, i would say it is a branch of the tree. Look at the other branch that the right front paw is resting on-- very similar. It seems to be a madrone. You can see the lower part of the branch suspected of being a puma cub under the critter's tummy. That's how it looks to me, anyway. One other thought i had is that it could be a dead deer stowed in the tree.