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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On the beat

Bobcats seem to be common in Marin County's coastal scrub and forest edge where we got these photos.

Unfortunately, the cam was a wee bit slow getting this second photo as the cat continued up the trail.

This cat looks different, but the location is only about 100 yards away.


cliff said...

The first set of photos are fantastic and during the day, well done. The markings stand out very well and they could be the same cat, but hard to tell with different sides of the animal.

Anonymous said...

My friend Trish Carney goes out in Marin frequently, before dawn, and parks herself to get some amazing photos of bobcats and coyotes. She recently had a long session with a bobcat(s) on Mt. Tam:


She's kind of like a human camera trap :-)

Maggie Rufo

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks, Maggie --Trish's photos are just super.

Cliff, the first two pics are of the same cat, separated by 12 seconds.