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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stinkarella and skunklets

Stinkarella took the kids for a stroll three nights ago (June 14), and walked right past the camera on a jeep trail.

The site is in the chaparral a couple hundred yards from my house -- the same place where something nailed a striped skunk over a month ago, and where Fred got his lessons in rattlesnake avoidance.

I am always pleased to get pictures of spotted skunks, especially when it's a family like this.

I get spotted skunk images here quite often, especially in mixed conifer-oak woodland, but mothers with young in tow can be seen only a few weeks during the year.

Last year I recorded a mother with skunklets on June 25th.

On a related topic, I have to confess that the three cams at "el paso de las pumas" were a bust.

I pulled them this afternoon, and I'm taking them to greener pastures in Sierra County this weekend.

The redhead and I'll be attending a reunion of San Francisco State University biology graduates.

We're meeting at the SF State Field Campus, where I'm supposed to demonstrate my camera trapping obsession.

I'll set 5 cameras in preparation for the Camera Trapping Workshop there next month.

The reunion should prove amusing. Most of us are geezers, and we haven't seen each other for decades.

Anyway, I am back in commission, so I'll be posting more often than during the past month.


Hugh Griffith said...

I was beginning to worry a mammal got you. Very good to see your post.

What pretty skunks. We only have stripeys here.

Anonymous said...

Adorable, from a distance.

John W. Wall said...

Perfect subject for a camera trap. I've seen stripers a few times but never the spotted.

poefusion said...

I've never seen a spotted skunk before. We have ones with stripes on them. I have to say those babies are so cute. I really enjoy looking at your blog. It's great to see wildlife up close and personal like your blog provides. Have a great night.

Darren Courtney said...

Hey Chris,

Great spotted skunk shot. I'll never forget when I was taking a shortcut in the greenbelt of the POA. It was a full moon and I thought I had what I thought was the neighbors cat leading the way. When I lit my penlight, I realized I had a skunk leading me along the trail within five feet of me. When the light hit it, it took a quick exit stage left along a fallen tree and disappeared the night. I was sweating bullets, yet relieved that I did not get tagged.
Enjoy Sierra County. Love that country and know it pretty well. Spent a lot of summers there fly fishing.
I think I had told you there is a good population of ringtail and if I am correct, the rock marmot? This is up on the wild plum loop trail that connects to the pacific crest trail.
I remember many summers at Sardine Lake. Enjoy!


Bpaul said...

I saw a stripey the other night at a farm compost pile. We kept a respectful distance, I just love how they waddle LOL.


Retrieverman said...

How big are spotted skunks?

We have only the striped ones here.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks, folks. Yes, those little spotted chaps are charmers, as long as you don't rub them the wrong way. They are about a quarter to half the size of striped skunks, and lot more nimble. They are also pros at climbing trees and bushes.