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Friday, August 14, 2009

A red letter day

Fred crossed the Rubicon. He pees almost exclusively with "the leg-lift". 

I saw the new move months ago, but until this week he peed mainly while squatting.

Now the leg-lift reigns supreme, and a macho version at that. 

Look at how nicely he cocks his foot aiming the stream away from his body. 

Only a two weeks ago he was peeing on his front leg whenever he tried. 

"This is the son we never had", I beamed to the redhead.

"Yes, I'm tired already, and it's time to get his nudicles removed."

The thought of it made me feel faint. 

I mean, castrating our son?

I threw a stick into the flume and Fred did a flying Wallenda into the water.

I'll worry about our son's nudicle-ectomy later.



Anonymous said...

Run Fred, run!

Beverly said...

I've read the leg-lift is a mostly learned behavior. Exactly what have you been teaching him, Codger?

And only a proud Papa would say of his dog "Look at how nicely he cocks his foot aiming the stream away from his body."

But...nudicles? LOL You always make me smile!


Owlman said...

Watch your "nudicles" Fred!
The leg lift is top notch olympian form.