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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The bunkhouse

Did I mention that the Chimineas Ranch has a bunkhouse?

With a swimming pool?

It has a pleasing Spanish colonial flavor, and the view from the arcade is superb in the morning as you sip your coffee.

Actually (chuckle), I'm pulling your leg.

This is the guest house. The bunks are in adjacent buildings.

The orginal adobe ranch house was built sometime before 1888, burned out in in 1941, and was rebuilt and enlarged a year later.

The pool was added in 1947, and serves its purpose quite well after a day on the range.

The Nature Conservancy and California's Department of Fish & Game showed great insight when they partnered to secure the two ranch parcels between 2000 and 2004.

Their actions insured that the land would remain in the public trust as a corridor linking the rugged Los Padres National Forest to the west (the outer coast range) with the Carrizo Plain National Monument to the east.

Chimineas Ranch, named for the old chimneys of the original adobe buildings is now owned and managed by Cal Fish & Game for wildlife conservation and research, hunting, and a sustainable approach to cattle grazing.

You can see why I like it.


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Owlman said...

The State should consider using this place to raise some money by turning it into a eco lodge.
Have students interested in ecology,etc. work as guides and receive credit. Just a thought!