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Friday, September 11, 2009

Searching for Ringtail

If you see a ground squirrel here you have good eyes.

Chimineas Ranch, Carrizo Ecological Reserve

We were looking for ringtails.

There are no records of ringtails on the ranch, so we set four cameras in rocky areas over a 5 mile area.

This was the last and admittedly a hastily chosen location. 

The memory stick had filled in 6 days -- 332 photos with a success rate (# animal images/total # images) of 38%.

That's what happens when you program your controller for 24-hour shooting and you get dappled light during the day. 

False triggers from hot air. 

We got lots of  ground squirrels, pickup trucks and cattle, wood rat, valley quail and morning dove.

This one is cropped so you can see it.

The set looked a lot better at night, and I'll bet you can't see the wood rat either.

It just proves what hunters sometimes say, "What you're looking for isn't what you'll necessarily get."


DDeden said...

The first photo, I swear I saw 2 ducks on the log. By the fourth look, they'd transformed into a squirrel. Better than photoshop.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks Dude. Ducks would have added some interest.

Jeremy said...

Spotted the ground squirrel. I can see the wood rat too. He's just under the far left fork of that three pronged branch hanging down on the log. I can see his eye shine.