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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crumple-eared bobcat

The holiday festivities are over, the cookies are gone, and our 18-year-old car passed the smog test.

It's time to get back to camera trapping and blogging.

Though December rains rendered the back roads of the Chimineas Ranch to quagmires, Craig managed to check a few cams, and sent a few images from the cameras we set in November.

The cat above examined the camera at close range.

Note the crumpled left ear in this full (uncropped) photo -- a good identification mark.

The same cat showed up at another camera about a kilometer away.

That camera is located on a hilltop near a dense thicket of manzanita and oak.

Here's a cropped image for a closer look.


Rob said...

Nice pictures! I wonder if he was born with an ear like that or if it is an injury?

- clark - said...

Dang, the cat definitely has a "don't mess with me" persona about it. Nice catch.

Dan F. said...

Wow, that's one of the best phototrap pictures I've ever seen. Congratulations on a perfect setup!

Owlman said...

Great photo of a beautiful animal.
I have another camera now (Bushnell Trophy Cam) so will increase my chances of getting something unusual hopefully.

Sunny -- aka Matriarch said...

I love your blog. You give those of us whose tramping days are over a delicious taste of that part of our world that's still wild and beautiful. Thank you.