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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flat Top was a no go

"Can we get to that hill on the left?"

Craig said there was a jeep trail to the north side, so we headed for it.

"That'd make a good story", I mused. "Who goes to the top of the mountain?"

I envisioned a coyote or puma looking across the landscape.

It was an easy climb to the top. We scared up a few cottontails and noted numerous kangaroo rat and pocket mouse burrows.

Then we set a camera and paused to take in the scenery.

Some interesting features will be worth exploring in the future. 

Toward Soda Lake was kit fox habitat.

There were game trails, gullies, large burrows, and springs.

Back at the ranch, we told Bob, the Director, about the hill.

"Yeah, that's Flat Top, one of the the elk hunters' favorite lookouts."

"Better pull the cam", he advised. "I can't guarantee someone won't see it and walk off with it."

No one had found it when Craig pulled it a week later.

It hadn't taken a single picture.


randomtruth said...

It made a good story - just not a great one. :)

Seems like a spot to try again in the spring...

Camera Trap Codger said...

Yeah -- woulda been a better picture if the puma had passed by.

suek said...

It looks like a moonscape...

Owlman said...

Interesting habitat Codger.
Did you see any Golden Eagles?

Camera Trap Codger said...

Yes, saw one on a power pole on the way home, and just outside the ranch.