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Friday, March 5, 2010

Another trashed camera unsolved

As you can tell, not much has been happening in my world of camera trapping.

Healing a torn tendon is a long process.

The tendon attaches and grows stronger while the rest of the body grows weak from inactivity.

So I have been on a data analyzing blitz for two months. My hard drives are clean and tightly organized. I can find everything, and I analyzed 4 years of data from 7 camera trapping sites.

So what does that have to do with the muddy camera pictured above?

Well, yesterday I had visitors.

Rich Tenaza and Dave Fletcher drove up from Stockton to hack cameras, and Rich gave me copies of his Cleary Reserve jpegs so I can finish the analysis.

Rich shut down his camera trapping operation at Cleary when he found the trashed camera seen above (one that I hacked) late last year.

The vandal thoroughly totaled the camera and case -- broke the glass windows on the Pelican case, tore out the camera, dragged it through mud and dropped it in a pool.

Rich is convinced it was the vile deed of a non-ursid camera trasher.

I have the feeling it was the innocent work of a non-human (=ursid) curious about the wonders of modern electronics.

Also, there was no bear guard on the camera, which wouldn't have stopped a human, but would likely have limited the activities of a bear.

It makes one long for those good days when the only surprise you got was a shaggy bear mooning the camera.

Regarding my recent silence, Craig now has a few cams out at Chimineas, and even though the place is too wet to hit the back roads some new material should be rolling in soon.


Henry said...

Looking forward to some updates from Chimineas and hope you get well/fit soon :)

(I had a torn tendon a few years ago and it still gives me problems on some days...)

Rob said...

Looking forward to seeing some new pictures. I am addicted to building these cameras. I just finished up a P41 for a friend this evening.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks, guys. Sorry to hear that the tendons continue to be a problem, but I guess I expected that. I know the camera hacking addiction well. I usually hack several at a time, but it's hard to get cams that are readily available and in-production these days. The P41 was a real winner, same for the P32. I like the s600s a lot, but am looking for a fast cam to replace those. Seems the hackers explore the hackability of out-of-production models.

Michael Steeves said...

I'm looking for some information on setting up a semi-live webcam based camera trap for viewing elephants. While I've got webcam experience I'm struggling a bit with triggering.

Choices seem to be motion detection (in-camera), IR motion sensing, IR beam, or pressure pads. Restraints are theft-proofing and solar power source.

Any chance of getting a few hints? (not sure how to contact you directly!)

Michael Steeves

Camera Trap Codger said...

Michael, I'll send you an email.

Anonymous said...

Is the sony s600 camera your favorite to use? What's a good price for them? Do you have fast hacked or regular? Thanks!