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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seven months at Chimineas: survey effort, habitat coverage, and species occurrence

Here's the second installment about our camera trapping findings at the Chimineas Ranch.

Survey effort over time: Camera trapping effort increased as more cameras became available during the survey.   Effort was doubled during the latter half of the survey (October, November and December).

Survey effort and habitat coverageCamera trapping effort as measured by camera trap days differed in the 8 habitats, with Blue Oak Woodland receiving the greatest effort, and Coastal Scrub receiving the least.  The remaining three habitats, Juniper Woodland, Desert Riparian, and Annual Grassland and its variants received sub-equal camera trapping effort.

Species occurrenceWe recorded 21 species of mammals, which represent 44.7 % of those known or expected to inhabit the area.  We recorded 5 of the 12 carnivore species expected to be present, which accounts for half of the mesocarnivores. Representatives of the skunk, weasel, and raccoon families were not detected. Note that the high number of coyotes is inflated by the inclusion of photos at the cow carcass.  When these are removed the coyote ranks 4th in numbers (n = 157).

Twenty-six species of birds were also recorded, which represents a much smaller proportion (14.6%) of those known to be present on the unit.  Ground foraging birds were among the most commonly recorded species, and carrion feeders were photographed only at the cow carcass. 

Finally, Western fence lizards (4), Pacific tree frogs (6), and Western toads (23) were incidentally photographed at Poison Water Spring. 

We're still not finished.

Don't want to waste any data, you know.

Tomorrow should wrap it up, then a brief discussion. 

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