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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Never forget your wedding date

The codger held forth at an event for a worthy cause last weekend.

The subject of course was camera trapping, with some illustrated biographical recollections of how zoological obsession took hold of an otherwise normal yours truly.

The event took place at the very church where the redhead and the codger took the sacred vows of matrimony nearly 45 years ago.

I was actually preaching from the pulpit of the church when a slide popped up of the dazzling redhead and the boy-codger at the alter.

Since there was a chronological series of events I had posted the year of the wedding next to the blissful photo.

Now you won't believe it, -- well, if you know me, you will believe it . . . but I didn't get the year right, and the redhead piped up in the audience to set the record straight.

Everyone knew the redhead was right, so I played the fool, and the laugh was on me.

(PS--The redhead just read this, and informed me, "You didn't play the fool, you were the fool." I tell you, its tough being a camera trap codger.)



JK said...

Besides forgetting your wedding date, you also forgot to tell your blog readership about the event AHEAD OF TIME. Growing up in the area I think it was for a great cause. Thanks for throwing your support behind them.

owlman said...

Congratulations Chris!
You are now a member of the over the hill club. There are two signs that qualify you. One is loss of memory and I forgot the other.

Joe said...

It's always amazed me how women can remember dates like those and forgot everything else :).

Bay Laurel said...

I had the good fortune to find out about the talk from a local flyer. It was a great talk Chris, and the wedding date correction was absolutely a highlight. Especially that it came right after you were explaining how you needed someone to keep you on the straight and narrow prior to the wedding pic! The event had a great turn out, you did a good thing for a really great cause.

MysteryTheMorab said...

Wish I had known as well as I live close by too! I know the area fairly well but from horseback. Lots of mountain lions in west Marin...many on private land. Many ranchers know if they 'shovel and shut up' that another will take their place so they leave them be....but not all.

Sebastian Kennerknecht said...

congrats on 45 years! -- well, plus or minus a few years :)