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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rediscovered or Ignored for 113 years?

Thanks to Bill Wilson for the heads up on the latest mammalian rediscovery -- the red-crested tree rat, a handsome rodent with the elegant moniker of Santamartamys rufodorsalis.

Somehow I doubt that mammalogists have been combing the forests of Colombia for the past 113 years searching for Santamartamys, but that doesn't detract from the excitement of the find.

There are quite a few species in Latin America known from a handful of specimens collected long ago, and it's always good news to find they are still orbiting through space with the rest of us.


Trailblazer said...

Cute little bugger....

thanks for posting!

biobabbler said...

I saw that earlier today (Twitter) and that rat sure seemed cute and friendly. I agree--many things seem absent 'cause no one's lookin' for 'em. =) Part of the beauty of YOUR skill set--SO good at detecting things that otherwise may go unnoticed. Like the Whos if Horton had never heard them.