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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bears vs. the Squeaker

More bears from the pools of the seasonal creek.

I thought the jury-rigged squeaker might lead to the design of an effective bear deterrent.

Watch the video and learn what I learned.

PS: Just back from a pleasant week with camera trappers at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus. More on that later.


7oaks said...

Very Nice Video there Chris...You sure do get a lot of bear action...

Camera Trap Codger said...

The place seems to be crawling with them. I'll post a video showing the cast of characters in a few weeks.

Joe said...

Great video. I'm shocked the bears had no response at all to the squeaker.

Bruce Mohn said...

I'm guesing it sounded like a bird or a rodent and therefore soemthing to be ignored or potential lunch.

randomtruth said...

I think that last one was tapping on morse code on your squeaker for the cam trap to record. Pretty sure the second letter was a "U", was that first letter an "F"?? ;)

I think you've also basically shown how the cam traps get treated by diff bears - sometimes sniffed, sometimes rattled like a gourd.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Bruce--I used to call those sirens "screaming canaries", because they are pretty loud, but even at close range they don't alarm a bear.

RT--Yep, some of those Bruins are a little rough with cams and squeakers.