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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Found in the stacks (in flagrante)

Periodically I have to visit the library annex in my garage. It isn't easy getting into the stacks because camping equipment, wood, and tools have to be moved.

Yesterday, I found this couple ensconced in the stacks. For those of you who listen to Prairie Home Companion, let me just say that the quintessential Reference Librarian, Ruth Harrison, would NOT be amused.

On the other hand, I found it quite amusing. The shop steward was taking a break, or as Mark Twain would have said, he was refreshing himself. Where his pert little friend came from, I can't say. I've never seen her in the stacks before.


Jackie said...

I'm not certain about this, but here goes:
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Camera Trap Codger said...

Thank you so much, Zhakee. I love your site, and feel good that you enjoy mine. We Californians have to stick together!

Anonymous said...

Great capture, I linked you. Look at my blog too if you have time.