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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pool coon

The redhead awakened me at 5:30 yesterday to announce the visitors. There in the smoke was one big and two little raccoons peering intently into the swimming pool. (Whur's the fish?)

I set a camera last night , and shortly after sunset the redhead called from the living room saying the camera just flashed.

I switched on the outside lights, and there she was -- Ma Coon staring suspiciously at the camera across the pool. Obviously, this was her first experience with the electronic flash.

What you see above is the best I can offer -- "raccoon pondering the deep waters". I am afraid the poolside menu offers only backswimmers and soggy insects. Unfortunately, the kids were a little bashful -- no pics of them. My firefighting equipment (pump and hoses) is in the background.

(Hey! Calfire lifted the evacuation orders today, and I also finished the camera trapping manual.)

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