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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Return of the pool coon

The pool coon was back with her two kids last night. The cameras started flashing at 11:00PM and ended this morning at 5:10. I missed the action, but not the redhead, whose awakening words were: "You got a lot of pictures last night".

Three cams were ready for the action. The three coons made 8 visits and left 67 images.

The pool intake is a big attraction. That's where the floating leaves and insects accumulate.

She's teaching them well,

and they act like they own the place.


Kartek said...

It's amazing how brave and nochalant they are. The few times I've caught them on my balcony, they were totally not phased by my presence which was only a foot or two away.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Yep, they are as at home in the 'burbs as in the country, and they're doing well in Europe too.

Jayla said...

I'm jealous of your baby coonlets.

Anonymous said...

wow great job! i would love to learn how to camera trap after your pictures.