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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At least the lizard likes it

It's a stone wall made of local rocks. We built it ourselves last Sunday, trying to find rocks that fit together. They don't make rocks like that around here. So it's nothing to brag about.

But the lizard was there the next day, and I am happy to say it finds our sorry looking wall quite acceptable.

If anyone asks what it is, we're telling them it's an LHRP -- lizard habitat restoration project.


Chas S. Clifton said...

Nice work. Dry stone work is fun, but all I know about can be said in the old Spanish saying, "Cada piedra tiene su cara," or "there is a way that each stone wants to go."

By the way, I gave you an "award" but did not know how to inform you. Whether you care to continue the process is entirely your choice.

Beverly said...

Well crud...nobody else has asked. I'll admit...it looks like nice work, but what is if for?

Were you guys really just practicing fitting rocks together? I've heard building such a fence is a lost art and hard as the dickens...and it seems to me the place you're visiting has plenty of lizard habitat already!


Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks a lot Chas, it's much appreciated, and best wishes for your lectures back east.

As for rock walls, what the old Spaniards say is certainly true, but I am not much of a matchmaker. I guess the secret is to have enough rocks in the pile so they can find their mates.

Beverly. I feel a little bad that I destroyed the rattlesnake's hideout when I cut out the creeping juniper after the fires this summer. (Yes there was one living in there). The redhead wanted something to replace the junipers and to restore the border it created. Hence the rocks and habitat for more user friendly reptiles.

Beverly said...

Ahhhhhhhh... somehow I had the idea that the wall was in New Mexico. My bad.

While I rather like snakes, I'm with your redhead...I wouldn't want a rattlesnake living WITH me. That you built the wall for other, more friendly reptiles is neat. I kind of like the idea that if one must remove or change a habitat, it's nice to replace it with a similar or even better one. Sweet!

leslie gordon said...

I am working on a site for a Natural History Museum. The featured section is called "how to help lizards" and I would like to feature a photo from your page as an example of a happy lizard rockpile. Would that be acceptable? Please write tome at lgordon@nhm.org