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Friday, October 24, 2008

Well turned legs

A picture of a pair of well turned legs was not my goal.

Experience has taught me that when time is limited your chances are slim of getting camera trap photos of most large mammals, and especially predators.

So I set one cam on the prairie, hoping for kangaroos rats and pocket mice, which visit bare dirt to luxuriate in a nightly dust bath and dine on wind-blown seeds.

I laced the soil with sunflower seeds, and thought it was a done deal.

Instead of rodents I got elk.

Sometimes you're predictions come true, and sometimes you get a surprise. Either way, the results are usually welcome.


Owlman said...

2Nice surprise Chris.

Anonymous said...

I've had about the same sort of unexpected results when I've set out a game camera. For my next trick, I'm going to try to capture images of gun-carrying primates who will be on my land without permission during the white-tail deer season.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Pablo, Hope your camera is disguised well. That type of primate is trouble.