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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fred's nocturnal activities

[11:34PM--worrying my boot in front of his crate]

It was time to set a camera trap in the garage.

Fred seems to spend a lot of time playing instead of sleeping.

The other morning, for example, the floor was littered with wall insulation.  

None of the 34 pictures showed him sleeping in his crate. He slept on the rubber pad after midnight.

But the position of my boot changed throughout the night.

Here are a few pictures:

[3:28AM: apparently playing with the boot again]

[7:19AM: noticing the camera trap]

[7:19AM--pondering the camera trap]

[7:20AM--waiting for me to open the door]

I'll be getting a larger crate soon, and will start locking him in it for the night.


Owlman said...

Lock him up? What if he has to pee in the middle of the night like us ole codgers?
Oh maybe you are teaching him how to hold it? Cute dog and if he were ours he would end up sleeping on our bed.

Camera Trap Codger said...

He does have to pee in the middle of the night. Better in the garage than the bedroom. We're working on his toilet habits, and he gets command training daily. Hey, you'll meet him one of the these days.

Anonymous said...

as a veterinarian this camera trap amuses me more than the wildlife, although I enjoy those as well. Animal personalities are fascinating.

Tiger777 said...

These really maded me smile, would love to see what my pup gets upto through the night although he is crated so wouldn't be too interesting!

Hes 11 wks old now and practically housetrained already, I put this down to crating, the only downside is getting up at 0300 every morning to let him out! but its been worth it. Only another few weeks and he should go through the night.

Fred is a real sweetie, will look forward to more pics of him.