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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lone bob kitten

Does it look familiar? 

It should, because I think we've seen it before.

This is probably one of the bob kittens I photographed this summer on the trail in Marin County. 

It was still around as of September 5th when the photo was taken, and is undoubtedly foraging on its own

It is still young, though, and mom would probably share with it at least her larger prey items. 


suek said...

Have you made any estimate of his size? I'm guessing about 12 inches at the shoulder, but it's just a guess. What size is expected for an adult bob cat?

Adele said...

Excellent! I saw a bobcat on the road verge last week in Sask but it was a long way off and well after dark, so no chance with my still camera.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Not sure of the size, but certainly not adult size yet. I am sure the long bones still have cartilage on their end caps, and s(he) won't reach "fighting weight" for another year, I would guess.