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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beep beep, there she is again

Yep, Roadrunner used the gulch almost as much as the bobcats.

Thrice she made a showing, slyly looking here and there, long enough to give us 19 photos.

The wily bird was obviously checking the place out for reptiles or unsuspecting dickey birds, especially on the banks above the bed of the gully.

In the southwest these customers are known to snatch and gobble hummingbirds from nectar feeders.

They say the therapists in greater Albuquerque do a brisk business treating garden birders for psycho-trauma.

I once saw Roadrunner making house calls in Corrales, NM.

Lizard season hadn't yet opened, and it seemed everyone in the neighborhood knew the bird's schedule.

Roadrunner called in late afternoon, checked out the bird feeder, and then peered through the sliding glass door.

When the door opened she strutted expectantly into the kitchen.

There she gulped a couple of raw hamburger balls big enough to gag a Rhode Island Red.

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Seagull Steve said...

Cool shots and cool story. I used to let scrub jays into my kitchen growing up in southern California, but a roadrunner would be something else.