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Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Chimineas

California poppies with the Sierra Madre in the background. 
The South end of the ranch.

The Redhead and I met Randomtruth and Craig at Chimineas last week.

The wildflowers were out of control and the urge to muse and write poetry kept interfering with camera trapping duties.

Randomtruth got rather carried away with taking photos, and I am not going to even try to compete with him.

He is way too good.

Check out his Nature of a Man Blog for scenery, flowers, and adorable creepy crawlies -- he'll be posting on Chimineas soon.

Meanwhile, here's one more photo to whet your appetite for spring on the Carrizo Plain.

(Sigh) In a couple weeks it will look like it does most of the year -- the gritty backdrop to a black and white western.

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Owlman said...

Raw beautiful scenery and great photoss. You are a very fortunate man Chris.