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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When I let Fred out for his morning constitutional about a month ago he bee-lined to something near the driveway.

It was a fresh jackrabbit carcass.

There was hair all over the place -- something had plucked it, and chewed at it with small jaws.

Maybe a domestic cat, I thought.

When I went to set a camera trap later in the day I found that it had been dragged down the hill.

 Ravens and vultures had pretty much finished it off.

The carcass was gone the next day and there were no pictures on the camera, but I left the camera there and forgot about it.

Yesterday I remembered the cam and pulled it.

There was still some hair on the ground a couple weeks later when a gray fox and a striped skunk visited and sniffed the area.

It's not a surprise.

When a mountain lion peed on a mossy rock a few years ago, it killed the moss.

It also continued to attract passersby for several weeks.

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