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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fred goes terrier

We were working in the garden yesterday when Fred found a large gopher hole and went terrier.

The dirt was flying.

The redhead advised me to curb his activity -- "He'll undermine the walkway".

"He's burning action specific energy," I replied, "and look at him . . . the little guy's helping us in the garden. It's kinda sweet."

When we had finished the raised beds, I set a gopher trap to validate Fred's helpfulness.

This morning I checked the trap, and the gopher got away.

And Fred had indeed undermined the walkway; so that has to be filled and packed, hopefully after I catch the gopher.

Once again the redhead was right.


Tami Weingartner said...

Well...at least he isnt a JRT...he would have went right under the walk w/his digging!

Henry said...

LOL, Good one :)
Fred sounds like quite a character.

Buford Nature said...

I'd rather have the gopher and its predator, the pine (bull) snake. Sic a serpent on those pesky gophers! LOL

Carol said...

ahhhh...but he had such a good time...and we all deserve some of those.


Owlman said...

Fred has the right idea and that is do what feels good!